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Cordant offers integrated services including recruitment, security, cleaning and technical electrical services. We blend our experience with industry knowledge and digital capabilities to create seamless processes which boost performance and profitability. Founded in 1959, Cordant remains a leader in recruitment and integrated facility services and in September 2017 became the largest social enterprise in the UK.

Social EnterpriseSocial Enterprise

Our Social Mission

As a Social Enterprise, we have an overarching social mission to maximise and reinvest our profits in programmes that will have a positive impact on society and the lives of others.

Our dream is to build a global social enterprise that will drive positive social change and provide a blueprint that will inspire other organisations to become social enterprises. In doing so we will delight workers, clients and society at large.

We will live by three guiding principles: respect yourself; respect others; and to give of yourself, underpinned by  “The Cordant Spirit” which unites us and defines the core values and behaviours that are critical to achieving our business mission.

Our Business Mission

We will transform the way recruitment and facilities services are delivered around the globe, offering customers a unique and superior service, by utilising leading technology and creating an environment where talented leaders and game-changers who share our passion for disruptive innovation are given the opportunity to succeed, change their lives and the lives of others.


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Our people are key to achieving our objectives, we strive to inspire, empower and develop them to reach their full potential.

We seek to understand and respond to the diverse and changing needs of our people and will recognise and reward them for the contribution they make to the success of our business, key stakeholders and wider social impact.

In return, our people will take immense pride in who we are and everything they do, and we will work as a team to deliver exceptional business performance, delight our customers, give back to society and maximise our social impact.

The Cordant Spirit - Values & VisionThe Cordant Spirit - Values & Vision

We are a family owned business embracing an extended community of colleagues and business partners. “The Cordant Spirit” unites us and defines the core values and behaviours that are critical to achieving our mission.

The Cordant Spirit

Candour - We will be open and honest with ourselves and others.

We value and respect candour, encouraging open and honest feedback recognising that our reputation and the trust people place in us depends on being honest with ourselves and others.

Collaboration - We will work as a team and succeed together.

We put the needs of the team above our own, respect the role others play and work collaboratively to ensure we achieve our vision.

Opportunity - For people to succeed.

We will inspire, support and invest in our people who will share in our success. We will provide the opportunity, inspiration, investment and support to enable our people to realise their full potential because they belong to our family and are core to our success.

Relentless - Desire to succeed.

We are driven to be the best. We have a relentless desire to succeed, be the best, and deliver superior services which create long-term value for the business and our customers.

Disruptive innovation - We will continually challenge convention.

We will continually challenge the status quo, push boundaries and utilise leading edge technology, to optimise how we work, to deliver superior value-added services.



The Cordant Group family business was founded in 1957 by Jack and Harry Ullmann who to date remain on the peripherals of the business.  In the early years it was the security service which generated significant success together with integrated cleaning solutions and as a consequence allowed the company to purchase a number of businesses over a period of fifty years to become one of the leading security organisations in the UK.

In early 2006, the Cordant Group propelled into the recruitment arena with the acquisition of PMP Recruitment; Cordant took control of the company’s success and embarked on a ten-year journey of strategic acquisitions to become one of the major recruitment organisations in the UK, whilst at the same time remaining a private, family owned company.

It’s evident to see within the operation of the business that the family values, which entered our boardroom over half a century ago, have proliferated throughout the organisation. 

September 2017, Cordant announced to the world that it was evolving its business model from being a conventional organisation with the ultimate goal of generating value for its shareholders, to that of a Social Enterprise. As a Social Enterprise, we will seek to maximise profits, but these will be reinvested in programmes that will have a positive social impact, so the ultimate measure of our success will be the social impact we generate, which will be assessed independently via a social impact audit.

Leadership TeamLeadership Team

Leadership derives from the ability to inspire, delegate, communicate and have the visionary foresight for innovation. However, it is the personal attributes of a person which distinguishes their leadership potential.

Management is doing things right but leadership is doing the right things; which is why our leadership team are committed and focused on delivering the Group social and business missions and living by our three guiding principles and Core Values.

We believe that organisational success and learning are indispensable to each other and that we must change the way we educate and develop people to ensure our organisation can adapt to change and thrive in the future.

Working with UsWorking with Us

We continually seek talented, ambitious and self-driven individuals, who thrive in a demanding environment.

We acknowledge people sit at the very centre of our success and seek to cultivate an environment where success matters, our people enjoy what they do, and we enjoy their success with them.

If you’d like to be part of a dynamic organisation with ambitious plans to change society for the better, and have the energy and passion to strive to be the best in everything you do, please contact Adam Stirling, adam.stirling@cordantgroup.com in confidence.

Public RelationsPublic Relations

By harnessing our knowledge and insight into the UK employment landscape and facility arena we contribute to a number of media articles and keynote topics.  Cordant’s Board of Directors and Leadership team present and deliver at industry seminars, conferences and exhibitions and also eagerly participate at forums.

Our PR Agency, Weston Partnerships co-ordinate all media and leadership involvement, for initial media enquiries please contact us.

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